Unlimited Agents

Have as many chat agents as you want.

Initiate Chats

Start a conversation with your visitors.

Fully Customizable

Personalize the chat window to your preference.

Typing Preview

Find out what your customer is typing before they even send their message.

Message Editing

Allow agents and users to edit their messages once they have been sent.

Event Notifications

Find out what your customer is clicking on, when they fill out forms, scroll on a page and more!

Advanced Reporting

Get detailed reports for agents, top pages, chat statistics and more.

Typing Indicator

Display a typing indicator as soon as an agent or visitor starts typing.

File Sharing

Share videos, images, documents and more.

Quick Responses

Store and use as many predefined responses as you want.

Use your own picture

Insert your own picture, company logo and name in the chat window.

Browser Notifications

Get browser notifications as soon as a new chat is received.

Agent Ratings

Allow visitors to rate your agents in real time.

Social Icons

Add social icons to your chat window.

Emoji Support

Add some fun to your chats with emojis.


Allocate agents to certain departments.

Drag and drop file upload support

Encrypt your conversations.

Accept and Record Offline Messages

Not online? No problem! Let your users send you an offline message

We provide amazing support!

We’re all about world-class support.

Translation Friendly

Our plugin has been translated into more than 14 languages.

No third party connections required

The plugin uses your own website as its server.

Live Chat Dashboard - Active Chat

Live chat in progress
Live Chat Dashboard - Visitor Overview

Initiate chats with users
Comprehensive Settings Page

Comprehensive Settings Page
Chat History

Chat History
Quick Responses

Quick Responses
Offline Messages (Recorded & Emailed to you)

Offline Messages (Recorded & Emailed to you)

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Full feature list

Purchase the Pro Add-on of WP Live Chat Support today and experience the following:

  • Multiple chat agents (unlimited)
  • Initiate chats with active online visitors
  • Chat with other agents while chatting with customers
  • See what visitors are typing before they send the message
  • Edit messages that have already been sent out
  • Fully customizable chat experience
  • Add custom fields to your chat box
  • Event notifications allow you to see exactly what your visitor is doing in real time
  • Add Quick responses to your chat box
  • World-class support
  • Add your own name and picture to the chat window
  • Add your company logo to the chat window
  • Edit all text fields
  • Access previous chat records
  • Emoji support
  • Translate the plugin
  • WPML Compatible
  • Use our lightweight server or your own website as a chat server.
  • Set business hours so the chat automatically goes online and offline depending on those times
  • Create departments for agents and allow chats to be transferred to other departments
  • Reporting and ROI goals can be set
  • Add social links to your chat box
  • Add fully customizable triggers
  • Access to any chats you may have missed
  • Browser Notifications
  • Allow users to send offline messages when offline
  • Include/Exclude the chat window on specific pages

Available in the following languages

WP Live Chat Support is fully translatable and is available in the following languages:

English English Spanish Mongolian Dutch Danish Czech Brazilian Portuguese  Slovakian Russian Romanian Italian Hebrew German French Turkish Swedish Polish Indonesian Greek Finnish Estonian Croatian
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